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BroadGNSS Open Market Consultation

BroadGNSS will procure Innovation activity to achieve solution which will cover time-syncronisation, secure and accurate location, IoT and drone fleet management.

We cordially invite you to help the BroadGNSS Group of Procurers to understand the market status.

To find out more, please join one of our briefing events. To attend our events and/or have your details added to our partnering tool, please also register here:



Questionnaire Explanation

Our BroadGNSS Group of Procurers have already collated their views during the BroadMap project (www.broadmap.eu) and BroadGNSS stakeholder workshops in Phase 0 of the BroadGNSS Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP). Now it’s time to ask suppliers to tell us their view on what is possible, considering:

  • the current state-of-the-art,
  • what innovation activity is now required,
  • which direction BroadGNSS should focus our Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP).

This questionnaire is an opportunity for you to influence our BroadGNSS Group of Procurers while we prepare our Technical Specifications for our Pre-Commercial procurement.

Please answer as many questions as you can with concise explanations. Some questions will ask you if you already have some technical solutions. If your answer is ‘no’, we would appreciate your opinion on ‘how’ to achieve a solution so to help us to achieve the BroadGNSS challenge. If the answer is ‘yes’, that’s great. Please provide details.

If you want to add an attachment, please share this using your own file sharing system (e.g. dropbox), and provide a link to it in the text box of our form.

The BroadGNSS Common Challenge, Ambition, and all other details are explained on our website:



Sell your capability well !

There are around 150 questions in this system. Please choose those questions which are your expertise. No need to answer all questions.

Questions are grouped:

  • General questions about supplier where you will  identify which type of supplier are you.

You can choose more than one supplier type

All questions are mandatory, but you don’t have to answer everything. Many questions will be Yes/No/No Answer.

If you have a text box but have nothing to say. That’s OK, just type ‘NA’ (not applicable), click next, and the system will take you to the next question.

Occasionally, you may be presented with a blank page. If this occurs, please click 'previous' and then 'next' to refresh to page.

The full set of questions are available by downloading a PDF document available here:


This is provided to allow you to:

  1. see all questions in advance
  2. prepare your detailed answers, before entering your answers into our online tool.

Feel free to copy/paste your prepared answers into this questionnaire.

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At the end, you will be offered the opportunity to print your answers. The link for this is on the bottom of the 'Thank You' page, at the end.

Any company may participate in this Questionnaire. Participating in this Questionnaire is free of any engagement and will never lead to any obligation between the group of procurers and your company. (Non) participation by a company will neither exclude this company from future tenders nor will it have any influence on its opportunities. Companies will not be bound by the answers provided in the Questionnaire in any subsequent Tender which may be submitted after a Call for Competition has been launched.

All data provided by a company will be handled confidentially unless statutory obligations demand the publication of this data and/or the company agrees with the publication of the provided data.

All ideas submitted by industry will be treated as Commercial in Confidence. No part of these will be made public. However, relevant insights shared in the Questionnaire are subject to publication and may be used by procuring entities to shape future strategies.